Monday, January 12, 2009

Off-season: Team PROHO

On the bike, I work for PROMAN.  PROject MANagement managed by Nicola Cranmer.  Off the bike, I work for PROHO.  PROject HOuse managed by drinking absurd amounts of coffee.

I got off the plane on Monday.  By Wednesday morning, Greg (my husband) had me starting my 3 week off-season in saw dust.  We are finishing our most recent project in Boulder.  This house is super cool with 270 degree views of Boulder and the mountains. 

From deck looking down on the front entrance.  Stone work in progress.
The deck is 1000 sf.  Below is a new house being built... not ours.
More room to entertain friends!
Downtown Boulder from the deck.
Outdoor fireplace for the outdoor living room.
Start of the master bath from inside the closet.
Soon, this will be a really cool kitchen.
Action shot... not like the ones you are used to seeing.  No wheels, no spandex, no helmet needed.
After one week at home and 5 days working for Greg, I am unpacked and have the laundry done... ready to travel again with my bike... it is way more fun!

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Mrs. Sully said...

Welcome home! I bet its good to be back.