Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Jose Criterium

Saturday was the "warm-up" crit before Sunday's Tour of California crit.  Megan landed a 4th place and I ended 9th.  
My thoughts.... hmm.... well.... all and all I was plain toasted by the end of this race.  After a long winter of track racing and my 3 weeks of off season, it seems my top end fitness just is not there yet.  To be expected!  This doesn't mean I don't go out there again today and bury myself.  What I noticed yesterday was my lack of ability to recover.  Effort (either a small break I was in... or a small chase... or just the general full on pace) and it took me a while to recover.  The fitness will come when I get the road miles in.  The good news is that when I do get this fitness I am so ready to sprint with these girls... really ready.

On the way home we (Kate and I) did some tourist stuff but in order not to waste any energy we did it all by car.  Life of the traveling cyclists.  People think... "oh cool, you get to go to all these cities."  Well, really, we don't do much of anything with the exception of riding our bikes.  Anything else just wastes a whole bunch of energy.

Oh, this was before I got the call from Tim, team mechanic, to hurry back to the shop so we could pull cables AGAIN on my bike.  The BMC MACHINE is ready now!


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