Monday, February 16, 2009

Tour of California

PROMAN Hit Squad gets on the podium!  Rachel Lloyd was 3rd yesterday... stud.

In case you haven't heard, it was wet.  Pouring rain.  The best thing about PROMAN is everyone one of us has the ability to step it up and be on the podium in any given situation.  Today was Rachel's day.  She made the early break of 13 and threw down a mean sprint for third.   

Helena and I were in the bunch and both one a prime.  Megan unfortunately crashed out on the first lap.  She is ok... bike wasn't.

 I can't believe how much support PROMAN has.  Tim Brennan, team mechanic, is the best!  Nicola Cranmer, team director, works tirelessly for everyone.  Teammates who were not racing were out there in the miserable weather helping.  Random families and friends who just come by for moral support.  What a great network of people.  Thanks to everyone!

Headed back to the Rockies today.

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