Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tulsa in Pictures

The weekend is done.  We had a great team weekend with Shelley landing 2 out of 3 1st place finishes.  That is huge.
On a personal note, I crashed pretty darn hard on Saturday and didn't ride on Sunday.  Bummer since my legs felt great and I had some confidence going into the weekend.  That's bike racing.

Here is the Hit Squad that swarmed Tulsa.  Shelley, Me, and Rach.
Fixing the helmet before the start of Saturday.  Premonition?  I needed it that day.  90 women started the weekend on Friday.  Sweet!
We spent lots of time hanging out with this guy, Brian.  He owns Double Shot in Tulsa.  Best coffee ever.  Boulder has nothing that compares.
Sunday.  The hill.  I don't know how many girls started on Sunday but only about 20-25 finished.  Ouch!
Fans in Tulsa were out of control.  Each race had its unique fan support.
Get used to it people.
Shelley leading the charge after the crash on Saturday that took out about 30 people.  They stopped the race for about 15 minutes.
I am so proud of Shelley and Rach this weekend.  They (we all) had our own victories.  Such a great group to be a part of!

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