Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cali- view from the hotel

Ok, actually there are no pictures yet from this trip. Honestly, I have only left the hotel once since arriving almost 2 days ago. Yesterday I went to the velodrome.

It´s a shame really because I can see how these place could be beautiful. We have been warned not to wander the streets alone, especially at night... funny since we are in one of the nicest areas of the city. From my hotel window, I can see we are at the base of the mountains... what a shame that we won´t be able to explore!

The track is fast. The weather is hot and humid. My spanish is poor at best. The people are wonderful. There are lots of strange vibrant colored fruit drinks that taste like nothing. The sirens go all night. The motorcycles seem like the most logical, yet most dangerous mode of transportation. The Dunkin Donuts 2 doors down is supposed to have the best coffee around... today I will venture.

That is my quick update!

Charlotte, I will not be coming to Rotterdam for the 6-day. I am very upset by this but had to make a decision on whether to participate in the National Team Camp that week or Rotterdam. In order to reach my goals, the camp was the obvious decision. I will miss the racing and miss seeing you guys!!!!

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