Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Bueno

Team USA was not firing on all cylinders today. 0-3. None of us (me, Lauryn, Daniel) made the finals. The 2 riders with trade teams (Luttrell and Carney) did make their respective finals. So, some salvation.

Lauryn and I had the scratch race. I was WAY more comfortable today then I was in Manchester 6 weeks ago... that was my first World Cup scratch race. I wasn't over confident but I was comfortable. Didn't that come back to bite me in the ass?

Once again, I played a pretty smart race until I found myself in a bad position with 6 to go. I went back, up, and around... wait, I missed the around part. In Manchester, out of fear, I just went to the front and kept the pace high. Today, I went up and got on a Cuban's wheel thinking she would make a move because she is a pursuit type. Well, she made the move but didn't complete it. I told myself to be patient but that was the wrong idea. I should have just kept going around her. In the last lap I got my bars tangled with someone... or something happened that I thought I was crashing. No crash but it sure did take my head out of it. Needless to say, I didn't make the finals. It sucked! There, I said it. That sucked!

The thing that bugs me is that is wasn't the speed of the race or the fast sprint at the end. I was trying too hard to be calm and patient and I was too calm and patient. I need to find the middle ground because I am usually the anxious one who chases or goes early or something else like that. Tonight, I was the opposite.

Tomorrow I race again. Points. I have never done a points race internationally at this level and have little idea what to expect. Send me smart and fast thoughts!

I have no pictures from inside the track since I have been focused every time I have been in there. Tonight I may make it back as a spectator and take some pictures... but then again, I may stay and get a good night's sleep.

Today they filled the stands with kids. They were LOUD!!! Cool to see.
Girls gawking at the American boy. Good job Ryan Luttrell for lapping the field in the points qualifier and making the finals tonight.
Lauryn was practicing her spanish with these little girls.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cari- hope you're doing well and hanging in there! Seems like we have not seen you in forever... we just returned today from Brazil- when are you back in Boulder? Fun to read all of your posts! You sure know how to have fun!!! Megan