Monday, December 28, 2009

Pics I promised!

Lots of people commented and were worried about my emotions. I am good... much better. As I explained to my coach, I couldn't just jump on here, post happy pictures, and ignore the truth. If there is some junior out there reading this, then they just learned something. Elite athletes struggle sometimes. We accept the bad times in order to really appreciate and celebrate the bad times. We learn... and move on!

The pictures from the last trip that I promised:

The trip started back in LA for a training camp. Day 1 and I was just happy to be in the sun.

Some of us were happier then others. Yes, I found him riding his bike back to the hotel like this. Of course when we got to the hotel, he quickly put his jersey, helmet, glasses, and shorts all back to normal so nobody (*coaches*) would see the "other" side. Nice one Guy!

Then we packed up, again, and headed to Columbia. I LOVE this Zuca roller bag. Everyone must get one.

Oh wait, we did have one fun night in LA driving these indoor race car things. The madison partners were doing some bonding. What is wrong with this picture? I wonder how many people will be able to figure that out.

The velodrome is Cali drew pretty big crowds for the night session. Super cool track!

It was covered but open on the sides so we had fresh air, daylight, and some wind.

They packed the stands with kids during the day sessions. They were SOOO loud especially when any Columbian was on the track.
The kids would line up and wait for the athletes to leave... and just stare at us. I think the girls liked Ryan.

Lauryn had been studying her Spanish and decided to practice with the kids. The girls were so cute and so excited!

But, not as excited as the people were about this French guy. Seriously, I happened to walk out with him a couple days in a row and the Columbian people loved him. He soaked it up! I told him I was going to get a picture of all the people around him and he thought I asked to take a picture with him. ha! He said, "sure, I'll take a picture with you." Lost in translation. I didn't want a picture withe him. Thanks anyway.

Well, the media always likes a winner. Sarah killed the Individual Pursuit and won the Gold. She is flying right now :) Watch out world!

The girls getting ready for the Team Pursuit. Notice Red Bull in hand.

US ended with a Silver in the TP. Congrats to Canada... yes, I really like those girls and I am being sincere!

This picture is for Nicola and Shelley. He was so cute playing with this little girl... your heart would have melted right there :)


Team TWENTY12 said...

I love the last pic ;)

mariojas said...

On Guy's pic: Is that Dan Holloway? And is Guy wearing his glasses? Just a guess.

Cari Higgins said...

ya, guess what? i can't read that. :)

Cari Higgins said...

but i did translate it and there was lots of talk about girls and sex. oh, the wonderful internet world and all the weirdo people out there.