Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have been so fortunate in life to be surrounded by good people and, for the most part, be able to call them good friends.

Last night, here in Melbourne, I got to catch up with an old teammate and friend. Thanks for the good time Claire!

Another friend of mine also happens to be a teammate- Greta. Check out her latest blog on Cyclingnews.com. Such a competitor, inspiration, and cool chic. I met Greta when I was new to cycling and working as a pilot for the para-olympic team. Proud to call her a friend now.

Here is picture from that trip.

Racing started about 30 minutes ago here in Melbourne. My first race won't be until tomorrow night around 10:00 pm... it's only like 2 hours past my bed time. So, tonight, after all my physical and mental prep, I will now prep for the staying up late thing. I will try to stay awake tonight until 11:00. This might be the hardest training all week.

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