Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Week...

Well, a couple weeks off the bike doesn't mean I stop traveling. Quite the opposite actually! Right now I am sitting in Carmel, CA but that blog post comes later.

Last week, I traveled with Pearlizumi to:
After flying into Houston, we had 2 hour car ride to College Station. Lunch anyone? Yes, we ate here and yes, it was good.
In the 48 hours that we were here, we had some true Texas culinary choices. It took my stomach some time to recover from this trip.

Interesting facts about the prop used in the wind tunnel.
Getting everything ready!
The machine!
I can't tell you how much more respect I have for Pearlizumi knowing how much research they put into their products. What I learned was pretty impressive. I loved the quality of their products before and now that I know the thought that goes into making their athletes the fastest in the world... I'm a believer!

That's all she wrote! What an awesome couple days with Pearlizumi. Thanks guys!

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