Friday, April 6, 2012

So close, yet...

My immediate reaction was to tear up. It only lasted about 3 seconds. No, it wasn't because I was so excited. It was because I was so close. So freaking close to taking a step on the podium at the Track World Championships. Yet, the reality is that I was 5th place in the Scratch race and I am fired up for more. I want it bad.

After the Points Race, I regrouped and reminded myself that the physical part was, for the most part, there. Now, I had one race in me and had the race brain activated.

It wasn't a fluke or lucky. I deserved to be in the top 5 tonight. I raced smart... was active enough to be where I needed to be... but also knew when to stop panicking and not waste energy I didn't need to.

I can't wait to see the video. There was plenty of bumping and a couple "I need a new chamois" moments. I owe the girl from Lithuania or beer/coffee/or whatever they drink there... she saved something major in the last lap (or 2 to go, I can't remember now). All I know is she was next to me sprinting, she got knocked, and then she had both feet unclipped and just hanging there. I don't know how she didn't go down but I do know I took a quick dive under her and then opened my eyes again.

The end was a like a keirin and I got a bit boxed in... didn't panic but couldn't make it out until the home straight. At this point, it was a bit late. 10 more meters and I am confident I would have been on the podium... don't know that I would be wearing rainbows but it's all hindsight anyway.

It's good ending to a long winter. I say it again... I am a bike racer and I thrive off that adrenalin. But, for now, the hard part will be cooling my jets for a couple weeks. It's been maybe 2-3 years since I have had a proper break. So, it's time to set the helmet aside and remind myself what rest means.

A couple photos from tonight...

My friend from Marietta, GA who now lives in Melbourne. Small world! Scott Gillies and his son, Austin. So great seeing them! (Kara- you are next!)
Austin as superfan! According to Scott he held this sign up the whole time I raced. If you know AUS sports fans you will know that this takes guts!
Ok... how to start my rest block? Well, the first thing I did was sit and drink enough water to hydrate a camel but yet just barely enough to squeeze out my 90ml for WADA.

How about a 3 hour beach ride tomorrow with Scott! Yes please Vitamin D. (Yes, Nicola, I PROMISE this will be the last ride!)


Team TWENTY12 said...

Hahaha congrats Cari and you have seriously earned this break!!! What a way to finish your 2 year season:)
~ Nicola

Charlie kelly said...

Keep up the great work, Cari!! It's exciting to get your reports back here in Boulder!