Sunday, January 6, 2013

...and, I'm tired...

As I write this, I am trying to stay awake long enough to join some girls for dinner tonight.

First, an addition that I missed yesterday when describing the women I'm competing against.  The other  Polish girl happens to be the current Scratch Race World Champion.  Ya, no big deal.  Just a World Champ.

We raced last night and then the program started earlier this morning.  So, less recovery and sleep.  It's the same for all of us but I think my lack of sleep caught up with me today.  I was just plain tired.  I'm not sure I can blame it on jet lag.  Each night has been progressively harder to sleep since my adrenalin is running high after racing.  I tried some Advil PM last night but I think that made me drowsy this morning.

I figured since everyone was tired and there was limited warm-up (10 minutes?), the first scratch race of the day would start off tame.  So, I chose a smaller gear.  Wow.  Wrong choice!  It was fast from the start.  A group was off the front for the win and all I could do was follow wheels in the bunch sprint.  I ended somewhere around 6th or 7th.  SPINNNNNNN those gears.

Then, my experiment with gearing FAILED big on the flying lap.  I have one more shot at this flying lap thing and I think I have the solution. Three times a charm!  I went slower this time but still ended 5th.

Ok, the points race was my worst race yet... aside from the time I pulled myself out of the elimination early :)  I'm not sure why.  Maybe I was just tired.  I don't have reasons or excuses, it was just a bad race.  I am not sure where I ended since I only had 2 points.

In the overall, I went from 3rd to 5th today.  Time to rally!  Two days left!

I did have some time to enjoy watching the men's races today for the first time.  Here are some photos and videos.
The sprint boys tightening the straps and getting ready!
 Tonight's winner of the team sprint. There is a presentation after each race for the winners.

The derny drivers getting set up.

And, the final couple laps of the derny race.
Way. Too. Tired.

Dinner and sleep is on tap tonight. :)

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