Thursday, January 3, 2013

I will try...

That's all I will say.   I will try to update this everyday of this 6-day.  Well, besides the night 6 because there will be bike packing and driving and stress.

I'm here.  It's crazy.  The track is little.  The racing is fast.

He's here too.
 Them too.

 I don't know him... or her.  I hope he doesn't drop her.
 And, this was my little corner where my bag exploded.  Not too glamorous.  

Ok, only race reports tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I can explain a little more to those who are new to this whole racing thing.

10 minutes of roller warm-up which averaged 85 watts.  Not a good prep.  I just kept telling myself to go with the flow.  Not knowing the track, I didn't know what gear to ride.  Everything was guess work.

First race was the Scratch.  All was good.  Three off the front and we are chasing hard with 5 laps to go.  I'm in good position and jump.  Ah, crap!  Too early.  I ended 6th or so.  I just remember not knowing how to sprint on the small track last time (3 years ago in Amsterdam) and going too late always. Ok, better idea of gear, competition, and track... moving on!

Elimination race.  I thought all was good but the announcer kept saying my name and "United States." He was saying it over and over and over.  I didn't think I was out but I was fearing disqualification by not pulling myself out when my name is called.  It seems the UCI officials have me well trained!  Well, apparently the announcer just liked talking about me and my "playing the devil."  So, I pulled myself out early because of stupidity.  Next time I hear my name, I will know he just likes saying "Cari Higgins from United States!" and realize it has no bearing on the race.  The officials apologized if that's any consolation. :(  I think I ended 11th or somewhere in there.

Points race I came in 2nd!  A little extra motivation after the elimination.

Here's the start list.  Tough one!  Love it!


Jennifer Sharp said...
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Jennifer Sharp said...

Go get 'em Cari! Cheering for you from across the pond.