Tuesday, January 8, 2013


No, not me!  The Alabama Crimson Tide are National Champions AGAIN!  I will be sensitive in how I describe the game since I come from a family where the number of Notre Dame grads far outweigh us Bama grads.  Something like 8-1 in the Higgins family!  But, I think my cousins, aunts, and uncles would all agree that the game wasn't all they hoped it would be but everything the SEC knew it would be.  Sorry Notre Dame.  Thanks for showing up :)

Roll Tide Roll.

So after not sleeping at all last night (I think 4-5 hours) because I was too excited about the dang football game, all I have in me is enough to post some pictures from the racing.  I still sit in 5th place in the Omnium and continue to have some good races and ones I wish I could press the revere button.

For my family who might not get it... that's me on the far left looking down.
Leading out the sprint in the scratch race. (from a night or two ago... can't remember)
Winning the sprint in the scratch race. 
 The track is little and sometimes we get tight.  I am looking for every free inch of track during this sprint in trying to come around the Danish girl in pink.
 Check out that fancy Felt TK1 and Zipp 808s!  People have asked and those are my D2 custom shoes.

With one night of racing left, I am tired and ready to go home.  That's not to say this hasn't been great!  This racing is not like any others I can get in the States or even at World Cups.  In the States, the racing just isn't this hard.  At World Cups, you get once chance and then you are done.  No learning and trying again.  Or, trying new things from the beginning.

A couple of us have come up with a handicap system though.  For every one of the following that you can say "yes" to, then you have to add a 1 point to your Omnium total.
1- Traveling w/ a coach?
2- Have a mechanic?
3- Have a soignuer?
4- Every rub/massage you have received this week is 1 point.
5- Have a road bike with you?
6- Have a boyfriend or husband or dad here?
7- Have a disc wheel for flying lap?
8- Have an aero helmet for flying lap?
9- Have a "teammate"?

That's our new Omnium.

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