Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still rolling... just not writing

After the Portland race, I stayed the week with my dear friend Heather in the Portland area.
Besides me trying to avoid Heather kissing me all week...
we had a ton of fun. Berry picking and baking, Nike shopping, sleeping, laughing, and, of course, bike riding.

The next weekend we were off to Seattle for another packed weekend of track racing. I think we did about 8 races in 2 days. Long days. 14 hour long days.

Needless to say, I was pretty tired at the end of the weekend. So tired that I didn't even want to answer my phone. So blogging was way out of the question.

Seattle's velodrome in Marymoor Park isn't necessarily a fun track BUT the people, the race director, the crowds... they make it an awesome experience. If the US wants to make track racing a crowd sport like it is in Europe and Australia, they need to talk to Dave Mann and ask him how he does it.

The racing was once again tough and I once again did all the events included in the Omnium... in this case Points, Scratch, Miss-n-Out, Madison, Keirin, Sprints. I took several podium spots and ended up 2nd overall. Good times! The sneaky little Australian beat me for the overall.

Yes, we were all a little goofy by the end of the last night. Below is the Madison podium... a race you do with a teammate. Clearly we were all done with this racing thing... or at least Shelby was done.

Usually when I get home, I get a day off to recover. This time the "go" button was pushed right when I got home. Greg and I were moving and had to pack up the house. So, in between training, eating, and sleeping, we were packed, loading, and cleaning. The new house comes complete with a garage. I can't tell you how much this changes my life! No longer do I stumble over bikes to get in my bed or play musical bikes just to have a place at the kitchen table. Ahhhh!

So, I am now recovered (not unpacked) enough to blog... just in time for another weekend bike race. I leave Thursday for a race in Charlotte where I get to see one of my favorite friends!



Heather said...

This photo of us is not going to help my pursuit of... a man! Ha ha ha. Had a great time with you. I'm eating our favorite breakfast right now- getting ready for... a track race.

beth bikes! said...

fun back to back weekends with you! i hope the miss n out at nationals is a repeat of those weekends! :D we missed you at far west. 13 hours of chamois time. i'm stronger.... er, or something.... for it.