Sunday, August 29, 2010

From LA to Pikes Peak

Greg and I volunteered today at the Assault on the Peak. Ya, we decided we didn't need to ride up above 14,000 ft.

Since our volunteer station was at the top, we got to see all the happy, hypoxic, cold, hungry, and confused finishers.

The winner! Hotel San Jose dude... of course I forgot his name. Let's just call him fast... finishing in 2 hr. 20 min. I asked him how he felt and he was the only one all day who answered "great." Well, you are crazy Mr. Climber Dude.
I can't call her crazy 'cause she's my friend. We can just call her Mrs. I-can-seriously-climb-and-sprint-Beth-Fisk. You are looking cold and confused in this picture Beth.
Hand cyclists stud. Impressive!
Our local Colorado Springs resident and recent 2x Para-WORLD CHAMPION..... Allison Jones.
Uni-cyclist guy. Ya, he rode up Pikes Peak on a uni. I question the sanity.
Cold or not, we all were enjoying the view. Thanks for helping out Justin Rogers!

Big props to Pat McDonough and Mark Tyson for making this happen for the first time! Hopefully this race will be the first of many Assaults on the Peak!

P.S. Remembered winner's name. Leroy. Leroy Insane Climber.

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