Saturday, August 14, 2010

Translation to the normal world

Mainly, this goes out to my cousin Theresa.

Our conversation at WeeBee's wedding still makes me laugh. You explained perfectly how different our worlds rotate.

The discussion was mainly about how I am addicted to exercise of any kind and act like an addict in the first 48 hrs of rehab if I don't break a sweat daily. Theresa, on the other hand, has a body that would go into convulsions if she accidentally slipped on running shoes and simultaneously thought about sweating.

Well yesterday I was excited when I finished my ride to find out it was a 2,000 kilocalorie ride. (Ok T, I will explain.) We weirdo athletes have these computers that monitor almost everything we do. At the end of each workout, we download the data to a website/software that automatically sends this information to our coaches to analyze. With me so far? It is just like your "big brother" in the corporate world checking up on your work daily. Fun, eh?

The difference is that I love looking at the data and don't mind that the boss man may check up on me on any given day. One of my favorite parts is seeing how many kcal's I spent...ok, truth... it just means how many extra calories I can eat that day :)

While you, Theresa, are getting ready to give birth to a healthy #3 and (possibly) using that as your reason to eat anything your little heart desires. I use this data as my basis for indulgence :)

I thought of you, Theresa, as I celebrated my ability to not call a ride "hard" or "epic" and yet still have a 2,000 kcal day on the bike. I thought that you would get a good laugh out of that one.

T with Baby #1 on his #1


Mrs. Sully said...

Cari - Hilarious. I do not have kilocal thingamajigger, but I do get my heart rate up once or twice a day when I watch the Daily Show and find out what Fox News reports on, which has got to be a kilocal or two.
You do enough working out for the both of us, but I'm producing enough children to fill a stadium full of fans for you in 2012. So we both do our part. By the way, I bet I can eat you under the table any day...preggers or not...

AP said...

Only 2000 kj's? Hopefully you just ate lettuce that day. :)