Friday, August 13, 2010

Important Moments in Life

While bike racing is oh-so important and will someday save the world... something like that... friends are what makes my heart warm.

Last weekend I traveled to Charlotte for the Presbyterian Criterium. Great race, great town, great crowds... gosh, I am starting to sound like a broken record since my last couple race weekends have all said the same thing. But seriously this time!

Traveling gets lonely sometimes so it is a bonus to have familiar faces in the destination city. One of our best friends, Stratos, lives in Charlotte with his family. Not only is he a kick-butt chef (and owns 3 restaurants that rock!) but he is a great host.

Here was my morning note and goodies left on the counter.
Stratos with his son Dino who can light up the room with his smile! Sorry to have missed the beautiful wife and daughter as they were vacationing in NYC. Next year!
Bonus friend sighting in Charlotte! Tracey, college soccer teammate of mine, showed up at the race in full school spirit. Some people never change!! What a sweet surprise seeing her after the race and meeting up later that night. Thanks Timmerman :)
Then back home and back to Colorado Springs 7-11 velodrome. Do you know I haven't race 1 time down there all year until last night? Not once. That is a total record as I obviously got my start as a bike racer on the velodrome and love the atmosphere. But, new goals... new coach... new focus... different timing.... this will all equal new speed and fitness.

Anyway, last night I ventured down to 7-11 with the junior crew from Boulder. The 12 passenger van was filled to the top with kids and equipment. Thanks Neal for setting this up! Good times.

Racing last night made me realize how much I miss everyone in the Springs. I'm back people! I bet you will see more of me now. My friends have been out of sight but not out of mind. Julia... Vera... Missy... Kate... even Sabga... I do miss you guys. Thanks for some good racing last night :)

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