Saturday, September 11, 2010

Boulder Fire

This has been a strange week around Boulder. One that we won't ever forget.

On Monday, Labor Day, a fire started in the mountains just west of Boulder. Because it is the end of summer and everything is dry/hot/waiting to be firewood, the fire went crazy and fast.

Thousands of homes have been evacuated, almost 200 homes/structures have been destroyed, and I promise the 100,000 Boulder citizens (and all surrounded communities) have been affected in some manner.

How have I been affected? Not directly. But, I have been helplessly addicted to the fire radio... their live radio communication. I know several firefighters in town and can't stop thinking about their tireless work and their families worrying about them at home.

I also have been forced to ride east into the plains and skip my rides into the mountains. We know how much I love climbing mountains. :)

Ok, seriously. I don't want to make light of this situation. It's bad.

I will say that I have learned a ton about Boulder and the people who live here. It is pretty warming how everyone has pulled together and responded as a community.

There are a million scary photos out there on the internet. Here is one that gives a sense of size. This is a photo belonging to my friend Craig Hoffman, pro photographer.

As I left for my ride on Tuesday, this was my view from the same exact spot at an intersection.
I rode south.

Here was a couple shots from South Boulder looking north.

Keep in mind that these fires were literally one ridge away from the city of Boulder. This wasn't some fire way up in the woods. This was a couple miles away. Thursday night they warned a huge section of Boulder City residents to prepare for evacuation due to crazy winds (up to 60 mph gusts) that were pushing due east... straight into Boulder. Thanks to the efforts of the fire crew, evacuation was not needed. I don't know how they dealt with those winds.

Big thanks to all the firefighters and volunteer guys/gals up in the mountains. They have worked non-stop to contain this fire and protect the residents. We all owe you!

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Lawrence said...

having been through exactly the same thing two years ago, where a massive bushfire front came within 200m of my house, and nearly destroyed my little hometown (pop 600?), I fully understand what you are feeling Cari. The sight of that smoke so close and heavy is gutting.

I hope you have experienced the worst of it now.