Monday, September 6, 2010

Hi, My Name is Cari and I am a Recovering Sprinter

Therapy started in Mexico at Pan Ams. This is where I realized I needed help. Thankfully I was surrounded by some wonderful friends and supporters of my effort.

After several months of long ass endurance rides on the bike prescribed by my head therapist, coach Neal Henderson, I can finally see the light. I AM NOT A TRACK SPRINTER ANYMORE.

For those of you who think you may have a problem, read below. These were some of my signs.

- Wearing long fingered gloves in a Team Pursuit
- In the van after our first ride on the fastest track in the world (Mexico), there was silence as everyone else absorbed the scenery. All I could say was, "Ben, it would be so f*@^ing fun to ride a keirin here."
- "Hey, are you going to eat that?"
- Can't share chainrings with teammates because I ride 1/8" NJS chains.
- Only girl on the team with "medium" shorts.
- Would prefer 15 minutes between efforts, minimum.
- Warm up in a 81" gear and not the required 86" gear.
- Again in Mexico, I daydreamed about doing just 1 200m just to set a new PR. Just one! That's all I ask.
- When told to do a 70% standing start team pursuit effort, I went 1.5 seconds too fast off pace.
- Still call mass start bars my sprint bars.

When I look at tomorrow's track workout which includes MANY efforts longer then 1 lap and I don't cringe, I know I am on the right path. Therapy is working.


Missy Erickson said...

This made me laugh so hard.
I support your effort, Cari, even though, i want to be a sprinter. We'll just switch places.

C Flat said...
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benjamin sharp said...

love it! Keep taking it one day at a time and don't be overwhelmed by the process. focus on the journey and not the destination and continue to surround yourself with those that affect you positively.