Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something Sassy!

She's new and beautiful!
This photo was taken from Tiemeyer's shop at about 10 pm the 2 nights before I left for LA. I was so tired from a long day but you would never know it by the smile. THE man stayed up late to make sure everything was perfect on the new frame. Thanks Dave!
The beauty about precision and custom is you just throw on the components and you are ready to roll!
I can't say enough about Tiemeyer's bikes. Lighter then most carbon frames I would consider. As stiff as I would possibly need. More aero then anything else out there. And fits me like a glove!


Mrs. Sully said...

Wow! So much love! I'm not sure I have spoken so glowingly about my own kids... :)

Hope you ride fast!

ronnie g said...

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