Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thanks Flatiron Flyers!

Another road/track season in the books. I can't believe it has been 3 years already!

Monday marked the end of the Flatiron Flyers season for road/track. Many of the juniors will continue their racing season with cyclocross. (I dream of racing CX myself but it is my time to move on to the track)

We have seen such growth from so many juniors which has been followed by fun success stories! It is the little personal moments I get with the juniors that inspire me to spend time with these kids. The wins will come (and they have!) but it is the relationships I cherish!

We ended Monday's ride with pizza... and schwag.
One of the cross crazy kids wore a KFC t-shirt in honor of Compton who will rip it up at Mtn. Bike Worlds on Saturday.

On another note- last night Greg was in charge of a little birthday dinner party for a dear friend of ours. 14 people on a picture perfect September night!

Paella on the grill! Seriously divine.

The question I always get from people "does he cook like this all the time at home?" The answer "yes." Could I be any luckier? I just need to keep burning the kJ so I can afford to eat like this. :)

Thanks Zola's/Bloom's/Allen's for a fun night! We are lucky to have had your family adopt Greg and I.

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