Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back for more!

I went back this week to race the local Tuesday night Brunswich Cycling Club track races.  The group is great!  All ages and all abilities... and fun people.

Both juniors and adults have grades A-E to race.  A is the strongest. 

Seriously... this is awesome!  Look at his racing glare.  I would be scared.
Last week Shelley and I had some fun working the B grade men.  We won all three races (Shelley scratch, Cari points, Cari motor race) and made a little spending cash... which they did pay me this week Shelley... I owe you.  Anyway, I think the guys all thought that I could only do it with a teammate or something because they were shocked when I came out this week sans Shelley and did it again.  I won the first race of the night (scratch) and even got a high five from Nathan who was working the officials table.  Was he shocked or just excited that I did it after all the smack talk before the race?  The second race was a points race and I think I won that one too.  I didn't check results at the end of the night. 
The last race was interesting.  It is called a motor race or something.  Basically everyone is in a pace line behind the motor and you get one lap in the draft.  After one lap you must go back to end of the pace line.  With 2.5 laps to go and after ramping the speed, the motor pulls off.  Sounds like a keirin, right?  I guess it is like a 30 lap keirin.  Last week the motor ramped the pace but kept everyone on and I just attacked right as the motor pulled off and held the gap for 2.5 laps.  This week people were dropping like flies... including me.  The combination of the higher pace, the morning's workout, and the small gear killed me.  I didn't make it to the end but the three that did were tough!

Speaking of tough... my friend Faith.  Faith told me she is going to be the next Anna Meares.  Go girl!
To put it in perspective you can see the difference in bike sizes.  It is so awesome what this club has going with their racing and all the kids.  The two kids I took pictures of for the blog were tiny and had no issues being on the track with everyone else.

Just like last week, I went out to a late dinner with some of the people from the race.  Super fun area called Brunswick Street.  I broke my new public transportation rule and accepted a ride home.   It was late... that is my excuse.

Good night!  More racing tomorrow but in Bendigo.


JT said...

Sounds like a case of sandbagging! Just teasing. But have you considered racing with the A's? Glad to hear things are going well - thanks for keeping us all updated!
Much love, Jen

David Decker said...

Great looking Blog here Cari! Fun to read. I know when the Aussies are here in the US, all they do is complain about the coffee. Especially the Starbucks, they refuse to go anywhere near there.

Best of luck
Decker and Skins.

Unknown said...

Hey! Dang cool blog! Sounds like you are having a fun time and racing well. Good going. I went fixi-ing on Monday and thought of you. Keep up the good work!


Cari Higgins said...

Yes Juicey- i will upgrade to As next tuesday.