Monday, December 1, 2008

Hungry King

I have heard these are coming to the US... McCafe.  Ya?  It will be worse then Starbuck's as far as infiltrated of our everyday lives.  After all, there are over 13k McDonald's locations in the US and Starbuck's is closing stores now.
Well, they are a hit here in AUS.  This store even had internet access.  Yes, I went in and tried a latte.
The truth is that I have never had a better latte then the ones I have had here in Melbourne.  I think I have been spoiled and my coffee drinking world has been rocked.  There are multiple cafes on every block in the city- not exaggerating.  Melbourne has perfected the latte.

McCafe- um, not so much.  The latte was less then perfect based on my new standards.  My old standards would have called it good but not great.  I am not trying to be all uppity but Melbourne really has America beat on lattes.  If McCafe had the lattes on the $1 menu I might have a different opinion but they are the same normal price as any other latte.
Hungry who?  I have no story and don't know the answer.  It looks the same to me.


Lurker said...

Hey I'm curious... what quality/aspect makes their lattes so good? Are the cafes all local or chains? Mmmmmmmm!

Heather said...

Hungry Jacks. I thought it was funny too. Why not just say, Burger King. Duh.