Saturday, December 13, 2008

While I have good internet...

Internet is not the same here in AUS.  While I have it, I should not waste my time explaining it. I will just give you a quick recap of the last couple days.

On Thursday, a group of American friends arrived in Melbourne.  They all came in for the Revolution 4 race taking place next week.  It was SOOO nice to see some familiar faces and have some people to now train with. From left to right: Christine Barron, Howard Marans, Brittany Marans, Jesse Marans, and Des Dickie.

The American gang got into town and came to watch me race.  Their legs were too tired from travel to race themselves.  This guy showed up at the track wearing a University of Colorado shirt just for me!  Go Buffs!
Everyone has talked about this drought that Victoria is in. Its is a 5 year drought and sounds pretty serious.  They are below 20% of their normal reservoir fill and this is what provides the drinking water for the city and surrounding towns.  Since I have arrived it has done a lot of raining.  I am started to NOT believe this drought crap.  The rain we received on Friday was more then Melbourne received in all of Sept. and Oct. combined.  
We were supposed to go race in a big event in Shepparton this weekend.  It was on an outdoor track and a 3 hour drive... so we decided to stick around and train indoors.  Who needs to sit in a car all day and not be able to race or train?
Today I was tooling around on my road bike between rain showers.  It seems the kite surfers LOVE this wind the storms bring.  They were everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

Cool kiteboard photos - I was out from 7am to 5pm with an hour off for lunch. Can barely move now! Nick