Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here today- Tasmania tomorrow

This weekend I raced Victorian Championships which is a big deal to the local AUS racers because I think it qualifies them to go to Nationals.  (no- different from the US system)  It's funny though because you don't need to be a Australian or even from Victoria to race.  So, the scene was full of people from all around Australia and even a couple foreigners like myself... the Yankee they call me.
Quick recap- 2nd in Keirin on Friday.  The Malaysian girl won.  2nd in Sprints on Saturday.  The Malaysian girl won.  See a pattern?  I didn't race the 500 because I was feeling a bit under the weather today and want to be 100% at the Tasmanian Carnivals this week.
Does that mean that I qualify for Australian Nationals?  ha.  I don't think so.

I leave tomorrow for Tasmania.  I leave a great host house and sad to leave such a comfortable situation.

Here is the house I have been living in for several weeks.  It is 2 blocks from a train station and in the greatest part of the city.
(l to r) Georgia (Georgie), Ruby, Juno, and Lachlan (Lachy pronounced Lochy)
The house is owned by Clint.  Clint is the promoter I am in the picture with in the past blog and the dad to these adorable kids.  Juno is his friend of many years and his housemate right now. Gaye is not pictured but is Clint's girlfriend who is around a lot too.  It has been fun being a part of this extended family- having people to chat with and cook with and ask advice or questions to, etc.  Clint has even been cool about me using his extra old car when I need.  I am sad to leave them.  They have made my life really easy.
Ruby and I were having fun with the camera and  trying to take self portraits without Lachy's hand... Lachy won each time.

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