Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Revolution 4

Today will be mellow.  Tonight will be "flat chat" or all out.  Revolution 4 is tonight and it will be sure to challenge the athletes and entertain the crowds.  Big cycling stars will be there- Robbie McEwen, Graeme Brown, Baden Cooke, Cari Higgins (ha!)...

It gives me a time to reflect on all the different races I have done so far since I got to Australia.  The sad truth is that in my handful of weeks here, I think I have been in more track races then my whole summer in the US.  Almost.
Last Thursday was another local racing night put together by a different club.  I didn't blog about this racing but here is a quick report- 1st scratch, 2nd points (maybe 3rd?), 1st motor race.  The racing on Thursday night is supposed to be more competitive then the other Tuesday night races so they made me race with the C's.  I argued for a bit but then decided that I would just follow their orders and win some money.  Whatever!  I don't think they will let me race with the C's again.  (remember all AUS races are men and women together)
Both the Tuesday and Thursday night racing is held at DISC.

I have trained here at the outdoor Brunswick track.  One of the clinics I worked was here.  This track has "character" and the best people in Melbourne!I race in Bendigo... the flat track, not velodrome.  That was fun and good preparation for Tasmania.
And tonight will be another new experience!  I will keep you all posted and give a race report tomorrow.  They have me down to race all 4 women's races.  There is a scratch, points, keirin, and sprints.  I am the only women doing both endurance and sprint events and the schedule is tight.  So, I may have to bail on the points race because of scheduling.  I want to be fresh as possible for the keirin.



Heather VanValkenburg said...

Fun times. Rip their legs off. My special code below that I hav to type to post this comment is "munflin"

Cari Higgins said...

The first thing I thought of was Dinder Muflin. Isn't that The Office?