Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hellyer Night 1

some good, some bad.

First off, Hellyer was crazy fun tonight with the fans, the music, the cookout, etc. I also love seeing friends I haven't seen since last year racing- Triplett, Heather V, and all the girls!

Second, crashing is not fun. I am over it. I have crashed more this season then in the 3 years I have been racing. Again, not fun.

Sorry- no pics to share yet so I will make this short. Check here for photos though... there is more to come I am sure. There were tons of photographers there.

Keirin. Won the first round. Laura, the Aussie, was in my heat so it was nice to get that under the belt. Straight to the finals. Teammate Shelley took the harder way by going through the rep round but making to the final ultimately. We had a plan. It worked. Shelley got my wheel and protected it. I followed Laura, the Aussie, over and came around. In the end, Laura had me at the line but she got relegated for coming out of the lane. So, it ended with me 1st and Shelly 2nd. NICE!

Points. We had a plan. It should have worked. Laura raced her butt off and crashed me out and won. Wait, did I say that out loud? Coming into the last sprint, Shelley needed to win. I needed to not let Laura win. So, sitting on her wheel. She swings up track and keeps going up track. Why? I don't know. But, there I was, stuck and going fast and nowhere to put the front wheel. Boom! Ouch! Shelley wins the sprint. Wait, double gun? What? Double gun on the last lap? I am off the track and out of the way. Oh well, officials have the hardest jobs and they see it as it comes. So, they restart the race with 5 laps to go. This gives me some time to get the bike fixed and get back going. We ended Shelley 2nd and me 3rd. Laura won.

Did she do it on purpose? No. I can't imagine anyone crashing anyone else on purpose. No way.

Was I pissed? Yes.

Will I race tomorrow? Well, I am schedule to wake up in 4 hours. The leg is throbbing now and keeping me up. I will see how it goes in the morning. There is a sprint tourney in the morning and more racing at night. We will see!

Here's to 4 hours of solid sleep.... PLEASE!


megan w said...

Owwie! Hope someone there can kiss it and make it better! Good luck in the rest of the races.

Emile said...

Hey sorry to hear that you crashed... You know it's part of the game but when it starts happening to much then it becomes a habbit... haha Keep the rubber side up and good luck. Sorry i could not make it out there...

Katie said...

You are one tough lady. I'm very impressed. I hope you feel 100% soon!