Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last week's project

Since I have been home for a week or so, I have had some time to do "other" things. "Other" means things not related to my own training and racing. Oh, and for some people in my life who don't think I do anything girly... I did get a pedicure this week! Happy? (Once a tomboy, always a tomboy)
Each kid on my junior team, Flatiron Flyers, is required to complete a certain number of community service hours. Last week we did something as a group to help out MESA, an awesome local non-profit. We did a reverse scavenger hunt which means we followed maps/address/written communication to deliver t-shirts to those people who could not make the Canine Classic but paid in advance.

Packing up and ready to go!
Ok, we did it on bikes so it was cycling related. But, the kids and I totally enjoyed doing something to help out MESA. It was a great way to secretly gets the kids to ride 3+ hours.

Flatiron Flyers Delivery Service

Oh, and then the kids got to come back to my house and pick out any/all used cycling clothing from me and other donors. They LOVED this! These two need to grow into their new goods.

Flatiron Flyers LOVE their sponsors! Justin's Nut Butter was a favorite after the long ride.

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