Saturday, June 13, 2009


Seriously, I am over the rain, hail, and Seattle like clouds.

Seriously, I had a break down at workouts today. Did my warm-up including my "jumps" but my legs just weren't feeling good. One of my coaches, Mark Tyson, said something to me (not really related to my general slowness) and I just started crying. "My legs feel awful. Why? Why? Why?" Thank goodness Tyson used to coach my other coach Missy because she was the craziest sprinter girl ever and he knows just how to handle this.

Tyson sat me down and hugged me. He reminded me that I am in a tough block of training and you have to get slower to get faster. Tyson talked me off the ledge.

I completed my workout without crying... my legs are in a deeper hole now!

Crazy track sprinter chicks! What to do with them?

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Anonymous said...

Hey he is absolutely correct.... If you had a hard block of training in the pass week, then this is normal as your body was over worked. This is necessary in order to improve... When you recover from this in a few days you would be amazed with how great you feel and then you will kick some serious ass!!! So be strong and confident and all will be well. You are an amazing rider and always remember that...