Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hit me while I'm down

I guess I should listen to my body a little more carefully.

After crashing in Tulsa and doing the whole traveling thing, my body was tired.  I denied it the rest thinking I couldn't take that many days without training... I was losing my fitness... Pan American Championships are only a coupe months away... all the crazy things athletes think when they can't exercise for a couple days.

My body was knocking loudly at the door and asking me to rest.  I should have welcomed the rest with open arm since I couldn't really do anything worth training.  Instead, I got my butt back in the weight room to get "swoll" and tried to get some little rides in.  DUH!  Now, I am suffering from a terrible summer cold.  Usually I avoid cold meds.  This time I am taking any pill, syrup, magic powder, anything.... well anything USADA says is cool.  

"Take that!" says the body.

Meanwhile the velodrome in Colorado Spring opened!  Couldn't miss that.  I went down today with Greg and friends to turn circles and celebrate the weather gods.  I cranked out a couple fast times before my body started yelling again.  This time I couldn't deny the warnings (the stopwatch records all) and chilled the rest of the day.

It's late and the cold meds have kicked in.... later!

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Mrs. Sully said...

Hope you feel better!