Tuesday, June 16, 2009


When I am on the road I miss my dog... I mean, my husband... and, I really miss my coffee. We have mastered our coffee at home. I love my coffee in the morning so much so that I think about it the night before.

Today was my day off. A day to relax and catch up on life. I decided that I needed to go shopping for clothes since I haven't purchase anything new in about a year. Somehow I ended up at the speciality kitchen shop in Boulder to buy some special coffee filters for the house. Had Peppercorn carried these filters I would have walked away from there spending $3 max. Instead, I spent the afternoon and $50 for the best new coffee toys.

My friend Alison recommended the Aeropress for the best coffee on the road. It travels well and I will be testing it out this week when I head to Colorado Springs for some overnight training trips. I also decided to get the travel frother after using my friend/teammate Kate's while staying with her in California once. No more missing good coffee when I am away.

How quickly I was derailed in my shopping trip intended for clothes. Some call it crazy but others think I have my priorities straight. Who cares if I am still wearing parachute pants from the 80's as long as I can make a good latte on the road?

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