Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th!

I think it was a blessing in disguise that the track was closed/rained out most of the week. My body was not really agreeing with me trying to jump back into normal training. Although the road rash is healing really well, I have had major neck pain. Wait mom! Before you panic, I am sure it is just muscular and not vertebral. (my mom reads this blog and hates hearing about crashing or injury.)
So, I hit the road bike pretty hard this week and visited the original Boulder Velodrome. See the picture below...

This is my super not-so-secret Marshall Rd. which makes for the perfect place to do efforts on the track bike. Other cyclists don't seem to understand that I don't have brakes and sometimes like to swerve in front of me... oh, and, there is the occasional horse crossing that I avoid. Other then that, this is a great road for no brakes and no gears and it doesn't require me driving 4 hours.

The mom in-law was in town this week and the husband was out of town. It was girl time! On the 4th we went to a farm dinner at Munson Family Farm. Super cool night! Dinner outdoors with fresh produce and cooked right there on the short bus.
Papa Munson picking our lettuce for the night's salad.

The husband volunteered his time these past 5 days in LA at the Junior Track Nationals. There were 2 kids off the Flatiron Flyers (new website!) competing in their first track nationals and Maddie who I coach also competing. Several other juniors from Colorado made their debut... love it! Thanks Boulder Velodrome for producing some wonderful new talent!

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