Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday Update

Tuesday was another great day! I had a hard time believing it last night.

The day started with the 200 tt and sprints. I qualified with a 11.44 for third. The Columbian was 1st with a 10.9 and the Cuban was 2nd with a 11.0_. The funny part that we were trying to keep a secret (but it is out now) was that I did it in the wrong gear! I was supposed to ride a 50x14 (96ish) and accidently had the 50x15 on (90). For all your non-cyclists, this is a huge mistake and definitely affected the speed. In the moment I was really mad but laughed about it shortly after. A rookie mistake. The mechanic made the first mistake by putting on the wrong gear, I made the second mistake by not checking, and the coach made the third mistake by not double checking. We are take responsibility and move on.

First round I raced a Chilean and won. In the quarters I raced the Brazilian for the best 2 out of 3 and won the first 2. I was real happy with the tactics and execution.

After being at the track all day, I did the scratch for the last event of the night. At first we were unsure whether I should do it. Should I conserve the energy for the rest of the sprint rounds today? Do I have a chance at doing ok since I have never done a scratch race at this level? The coach left the decision to me and I went for it. Thank goodness because I came in 2nd! I lost to the current World Champion, Yumari from Cuba. I have to say that the USA played a perfect tactical race and THANKS KIM GEIST! She deserves the medal as much as I do.

See those rainbow stripes on Yumari... that means she is #1 in the world right now for all you non-cycling people.
I was so excited last night about the 2nd place but when everything calmed down I realized that maybe I could do better. Next time I want to beat Yumari!

Jimmy Watkins, Team USA, killed it in the kilo for a new national record and a gold medal!
This is how you should feel after the kilo. After about 15 minutes, Jimmy came back to life.
Oh, for humor... our great security system at the track. Nothing here that some decent bolt cutters couldn't handle. Thank goodness that half of the Mexico City population is employed as security guards.


Nick Lees said...

Watching from the sidelines I remember countless times watching you do things I didn't think you could do. It all started back at U-10 with a sideline run from box to box of controlling the ball (all by yourself) and fending off five or six challenges as you ate up the clock and sealed our first state championship. You have the heart of a lion and can achieve whatever you set out to do. She knows you are there and she knows you are out to track her's just a matter of time. Go get her - now! Coach Nick

AP said...

Awesome updates! You rule!

From the Erben Gang..... said...

thanks for the updates (and the non biker translations!)
WoW and Wow! I LOVE that you rode in the wrong gear (I'm assuming, since I don't speak bikease that it was a harder gear!) Rock on!