Thursday, July 23, 2009

On again, off again... it's on!

A quick update as I sit in DIA waiting to go to Mexico City for the Pan American Championships. YAY! Finally.

Earlier this year, I was chosen to represent good 'ol USA at Pan Ams... in May. Swine Flu got in the way and they have been rescheduled for this coming week. The bummer is the change in plans really messed up the road racing season for me. (You can't really go from climbing mtns in stage races to tearing it up in a 200 m tt. Long road miles are good but at certain points of the training year and not a couple weeks before a track race as a sprinter.) The good news in the change of plans is that I am R.E.A.D.Y.

The adventure begins. Flying with bikes is always an adventure. I check in and give them my credit card to charge for flying with a bike. They inform me that the credit card machine they have doesn't work and I will have to pay cash. I inform them that I have pesos but not enough dollars to cover the amount. They inform me I need to go to the ATM. I inform them that it will cost me about $5 extra to get cash out of the machine. I inform myself to stop being cheap in order to make sure my bikes get there. I walk around DIA to find the ATM machine that doesn't accept my card. It doesn't work... and not because I don't have money in my account but because the machine is broken. I go back to inform the airline that I can't get cash and they inform me that I better find another ATM machine. On the DL I slide my bike box to the TSA guys to take with them since it has already been tagged. As I am walking around searching for another ATM and not having luck, I decide that since my bike has already been taken, I have my luggage tags, and I can't find an ATM, that I am going to the gate. Oh well!

As tough as I want to be with the old "it's their problem their credit card machine doesn't work", it sure will be my problem if they decide to hold my bike back in Denver. Crossing my fingers! Then again, this is why I am traveling a couple days early.

I hope to keep in touch! Stay tuned.


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