Saturday, July 25, 2009

quick update

The important part... We got access to Facebook tonight! Whew. Life was getting pretty miserable. Now, I have something for my free time. I was almost done with the book and done with the Suduko from the airplane.

I will post pictures tomorrow because there will be more exciting stuff to share. Here are the quick tidbits that family and friends have been asking...

- staying in dorm like places. I somehow got lucky and got my own room. Oh, and I got lucky and talked my way into a towel and soap.
- eating in a dorm like cafeteria. I am not being to crazy with food choices but having a hard time finding protein. Tonight I ate rice and beans and cooked broccoli. Then snuck some bread to the room to eat with peanut butter. Oh, and there is a yogurt drink that I think I am living on.
- we are staying on this campus similar to the Olympic Training Center and the velodrome is on campus. no real need to leave campus and won't have time for site seeing unfortunately. i hear the city is beautiful and full of culture.
- the track is super nice and really fast. hard wood, 250 m which is round, but not very steep. but, being at 7,000 feet makes the place fast.
- there are 3 women and 3 men from the USA. 4 staff members. good group of people.

Ok, there is more but those were the basics people were asking.

I race tomorrow, Tues, Wed, and Thurs. Tomorrow is the 500m TT... not my best event but I continue to improve on it. Like "the friend" Mande said, "anything that has a TT in it.... uuugh." The friend is right. There is something special about doing a time trial. I would much rather chase someone down. But, tomorrow, it is ON!

Good night :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah but the TT is a race of can never be unhappy with your results if you have given 100% and only you know if you did. It is as hard as you could go. The me a favour add another 500m to that for me :P

Matt Chater

Mande said...

Knock em dead!

Anonymous said...

Go Cari Go!.

Jacques de Curnou