Friday, July 24, 2009


I am waiting for the rest of the team to arrive tonight from the road race. Once I have people to speak English with, I am sure the blogging will slow :)

Actually, my friends from Trinidad have provided some decent conversation. And the Argentinean coach was friendly with English today.

Who is the first person I see when I arrived last night? Lisandra Guerra from Cuba. She is only the fastest girl in North and South American. Nothing like lighting the nerves on fire within 5 milliseconds after arriving. I am sure she is nice (if we could speak with each other) but since I am staying right next door to her I have had a chance to check her out. I want to be like Lisandra when I grow up... chick is buff!

A couple sessions at the track today and it is pretty sweet. Since it is at altitude, the track is should be fast. The hard wood will help too. The banking isn't really steep though which feels unusual.

Looking from our pit into turn 3/4.
From our pit into turn 1/2 and down the tunnel. We are right next to Jamaica.

The other teams that were there today were Guatemala (minus my favorite Guatemalan Paola), Dominica Repulic, Trinidad and Tabago, Cuba, and Argentina. I think that is all I saw today but there are lots more wandering around. Good times!

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Unknown said...

Hi Cari, until now I had the chance to read your blogg, thanks for thinking on me while being there in Mexico :) FYI, Lisandra speaks English jijiji tell her that Paola says hi pliz :) her english is not perfect but she speaks!!! I really wanted to see you in Mexico, I miss alot talking to you :)
I will be cheering for you from here!!! gooo Cari!!!!! best of lucks!!!