Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday Update

My stomach was less enemy and more friend today. I think it had to do with my new staple diet. I had at least three PB&J today.
Done! Medal in Sprints too. HOORRAAAY! I qualified 3rd and ended 3rd. But, I had a hard road to get there. Today was a mental B___CH. I proved that I have some speed but don't have the years of experience some of these girls have.
I met up with Lisandra (Cuban girl who won) in the semi's. She beat me 2 in a row. The first ride I raced like a scared baby. The second ride was better but she is just better then me.

For the Bronze medal ride I raced Monique from Canada who I have raced before a couple times but never beat. She won the first ride and again I had a "wimpy" moment that was my fatal mistake. I was pissed! I was so mad that tears were forming. I won the next two rides for the Bronze!

For some off the bike news... teammate Lannell was trying new tricks to open up the lungs.

Administered by the hippie team soigner from Crested Butte, Andrew. I get Andrew's alternative methods but the kids from Pennsylvania think he is crazy.

"You want me to what?"

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