Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we took the kids out for an Easter egg hunt...5 hours in the saddle and all we found was blew!

KFC (Katie Compton) and her husband Mark are coaching this Junior Super Star Kaitie Antonneau; they all piled in the car to make the trip to Boulder and get some good miles in with us on the road. Greg and I brought our junior friend Danny "Killer" Hiller.

We started the morning wondering what the weather was going to do to us... sunshine and snow at the same time. Only in Colorado!

We had a mid-ride conversation with the local Larimer Sheriff. Thank goodness for Mark's smooth New Zealand accent; he's such a charmer. I would hate to call Kaitie's mom and tell her Kaitie got arrested on her spring break training block in Colorado. Danny's parents would not exactly be excited either... we should be a better example to these juniors then to be riding 2 abreast. ugh!

Well, I had one minor bonk during the ride where I was yelling at Greg, "go on without me. just leave me." That lasted 30 seconds when Greg asked, "have you eaten anything lately?" Ok, he was right. I just got crazy mental because I was so stinking sick of the sound of the wind. Other then that moment, the ride was nice. So glad I could ride with other people on a day when the headwind limits you to 8 mph in your smallest gear.

Good luck to Kaitie riding for the US National Team in Italy later this month with a few of my PB&Co teammates, Shelley, Coryn and Sinead!

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Allez said...

Hey, Cari! Catching up on your last couple of posts. Yeah, I'm shocked you're doing the roubaix. Good luck & have some sort of demented fun! :)

Where are the girls racing in Italy? If there are ever any races that are happening in central Italy, let me know, it would be fun to watch/cheer for them. :) I have yet to get into the scene here...a little challenging without a car & I haven't met any local cyclists yet.