Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday is for Recharging

Weekend update-
Saturday was a TT here in town. This race has been run for as long as I have lived here I think and it was the first time I raced it. My coach wanted to "see where I am", aka, test me.

The individual time trial was first... 12+ miles with rolling hills but really just a power course. This is good for me!

Surprise, I ended up winning it. Seriously. I couldn't believe it.

Thanks Kimmy Nuffer for the borrowed bike (Julia for letting me try your bike out but Kim's fit better), Neal for the borrowed front 404, and Greg for the borrowed back cross wheel :)

We followed it up with a team time trial which I raced as a guest rider with DFT/ I really love team events, in general. This experience was no different except we could have done without the pouring rain. Yes, pouring rain and I think it was in the 40's. Slightly miserable!

A shot of Casey post TTT. Yes, this is how cold it was. How cares about aero clothing just as long as we stayed warm. Can you see the dirt on everything?
Sunday was a local crit with a decent turnout. Mara, my teammate, lapped the field solo and I took the pack sprint. 1st and 2nd and we won 3 out of 4 primes. Nice!

I think after being freezing cold all day Saturday and then staying out way past my bedtime to celebrate a friend's birthday, Sunday was rough. Maybe that looooong hill in the crit finally got to me. So, last night, all I could do was sit around and catch up on "Dexter" episodes. Of course, I then had scary dreams all night.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN! Glad I could come out and celebrate with you. Plenty of more good times in our future.

Today is recovery starting with home baked muffins, yoga, and then a massage. Ahhh, I love recovery days and will take this one seriously so I can hit the training hard again starting tomorrow.


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