Thursday, April 8, 2010

You've Seen it Before

I really do love coaching the juniors at the Boulder Indoor Cycling velodrome. Sometimes I drag myself in there after a long day and wonder how I will find the energy. Usually I leave with a bit more energy. Wait, maybe that's adrenalin from watching 10 kids ride in fast circles on a 129m track. Yikes!

Here's a view of the Flatiron Flyers looking good in a fast paceline.

Here's a little one looking up to the "big" kids on the velodrome. Notice my thermos I show up with on the left; a little caffeine to insure I make it through class.

The next generation of moutain bikers. This chick is 5 yrs old and riding the tricks!

5 hrs on the bikes today. It is supposed to be warm with NO wind!!!

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Kevint143 said...

One day i'm gonna come check this park out.