Monday, April 12, 2010

Mara gets the ROCK!

As we rode out to the course together, Mara explained that if one of us wins, we would have to ride home with the rock. She had stuffed a bag in her jersey pocket for "grocery shopping" on the way home. As it turned out, Mara needed the bag for her rock.

1- Mara, PB
2- Meredith Miller, TIBCO
3- Anne Samplonius, Team Nano Blur Gears

I ended 5th in the race and was happy with the performance.

Fun race for sure! I had not done the Roubaix since I was a Cat 4 in 2006 and this was a new course this year. Such a well run race and the number of people out there on the perfect spring weather day in Boulder was awesome!

After this weekend, it's a good day today to relax. We have some friends in town visiting and will be doing the "Boulder thing" most likely- Sanitas, Pearl St., etc.

Have a good week!

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