Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring in Colorado

Sometimes you can't control everything. Sometimes Mother Nature takes over. This week I fully granted Her control of my training schedule.

"Ride now."
"No, now."
"Don't leave the house, this is your warning."
"Ha! Surprise, rest day"

Thanks Mother Nature. Did I pass your test?

New bike this week and I barely rode outside. It wasn't that cold... yes, for those watching from out of town, Colorado did get a ton of snow this week but not here in Boulder. I take that back, we got snow and a major hail storm but those occurrences were quick and soon followed by sun.

Overall, I think I passed my test this week that Mother Nature threw at me. I didn't panic when the days got all switched around or when I had a surprise rest day due to weather. I just took it all in and tried to take the frustration out on the pedals when I did get the chance to ride outdoors.

The bonus of this weather is that everything in Colorado is so green and beautiful. The tulips on Pearl St are worthy of a photo. I hope to make it down there this week.

P.S. Something is wrong with me. I willingly rode over Old Stage Rd. this week. Don't worry, I am still not a climber. But, that 15% grade didn't scare me :)

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