Saturday, April 10, 2010

W for Peanut Butter in Colorado!

I started the day with a motorpacing workout at 9 am. I was fine...Greg froze! He deserved another hot cup of coffee after lots back and forth in Eldorado Canyon while I sat on at 135 rpms @ 30 mph...quite warm.

Home for the usual (large) bowl of steel cut oats with blueberries, bananas and walnuts...and off to line up at the first Prairie Center Criterium. A large prize list kept the racing exciting all day on a new and fun course! I spent all day reacting to repeated attacks by Alison Powers and Kori felt like one of them was always was great! After closing a gap in the last straight (from another Kori attack), I was sitting third wheel through the last turn and had 200 meters to make my first attack of the day...and pulling in the W!

1- Me
2- Alison Powers, VBF
3- Kori Seehafer, Type 1

A photo of Greg warming up for his race...and a plug for sponsor Fuji with my bike on the roof!
After taking home 2 cash primes and a nice pay for women's racing (THANK YOU THF Realty Cycling Team for supporting women's racing... just like last year if I remember), Greg and I enjoyed dinner and ice cream.

Tomorrow is the Roubaix both in Boulder and across the pond. We are hoping to somehow catch some internet coverage of the big Roubaix before heading out for the beautiful course here in Boulder.


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Scott Patton said...

Nice shifters on your Fuji! And check out Greg's spokes, they are CURVED!