Monday, March 14, 2011


This morning I went on a solo recovery ride and had the chance to pull out the phone for some pictures.

What's this? Doesn't look like anything is in the picture. Exactly. This represents the area of Buttgen and surrounding towns.
These are agricultural communities. I was still shocked to see farm animals in the middle of towns.
Again, in the neighborhood.
Yep, I wasn't kidding. More farm animals in the hood.
Up close.

Now for some shots of the architecture. Any time I travel, I love checking out the homes.

Pretty traditional. Everything seems to be dark... brick, brown woods, dark roofs.

A little newer but...

Very typical town home type living.
A contemporary twist on the traditional townhome.

A little modern home using old materials I found in the middle of some random town.
A found several examples of people trying to add color to the monotone. Newer homes have painted brick or white stucco. This home tried to splash some color out front so everything didn't look so grey.
Even this random wall had some attempt at color. Can you see the colored squares?
I like this attempt!

Signing out.

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