Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here in Holland

Apeldoorn specifically. Home of Elite Track World Championships and lots of other bikes. Everyone rides bikes. Holland loves bikes.
There are bike lanes and bike lights and drivers that yield to bikes. Amazing.
Bikes are even used as decorations. Every other light post on this major "highway" has a painted bike hanging from it.
Not unlike where we were in Germany, Holland is very agricultural. This guy and his many friends live right outside our hotel.
Don't ask. I don't have an answer to this sign but I have ridden my bike past it several times and yet to see a frog.
Today was our first day in the velodrome. This may be my favorite track EVER. Hard wood, smooth, steep, round. The facility itself is maybe the nicest I have seen as well.
Again, a country that treats track racing with enthusiasm. I have seen a couple billboards with some of their local stars... this one is one of their women sprinters.
She's getting ready....
Ready to go fast!

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