Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictorial Review of Day #1

We arrived in Buttgen, GER without drama. Day #1 was filled with chamois time- road ride in the morning and track in the afternoon.

Here is our track session in pictures:

Taking it all in.
It is a steep track with some funny bumps.
and REALLY cold inside. If we could, we would train wearing parkas.
Andrew, "Betty", to the rescue with hot tea.... trackside.
Time for a little motorpacing. How do you start this thing?
"Hmm, Ben, do you know how to do this?"
Jones had enough watching the boys stuggle... so she took over.
Some team work.
Soon, she was up and running. In this picture she looks slightly cautious. It wasn't long until she was doing hot laps.
I see a future for Jones!

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LT said...

Good luck, we will be following!