Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home... for now.

Back in Boulder as of last night and up early with my friend, jet lag.

I have tons of pictures and blogging to catch up on and it will happen little by little this week.

Here are some teasers:
Sold out crowds!

Cool little interview here. On that website you can also scroll around and find other great videos from Track Worlds. I love this one , not because it is a crash but how they are picking splinters out of the guys back and then send him back into the race. Oh, track cycling!

Ok, off for a sunrise hike at Sanitas Mtn. I love me some Boulder!



Welcome home......there is nothing like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! We all missed you! Megan

heidijwahl said...

I was in that "Beginner's Track Class" and I obviously didn't get discovered. :) Awesome job, Cari!

Your-Crazy-Sister-In-Law said...

Cari - you rock! Glad you get some home-time.