Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make a velodrome profitable?

... without 6-day races... every month.

In the three days we have worked out at the velodrome here, there have been three different sports taking place in the infield.

Hockey... on roller blades
Team handball... a sport the USA needs to learn more about. Very athletic sport!
And soccer. Ironically (my favorite!), this is the one sport I didn't catch on camera. For the record, these kids were so good at soccer. I think I was so busy being mesmerized by the skill level of these 8 year olds that I forget to get the camera out.

Now, for the smallest real bike I have ever seen at a velodrome...
For perspective...
And then the little dude attacks the big kids .on their apron warm-up

All is good in Buttgen! Check back for more updates. I am getting to be a regular on this blog thing.

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