Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rest Day in Buttgen

I know, I still owe a lot of updates and not necessarily about this trip.

Today was a rest day and it flew by... didn't really clean out the email inbox like planned or finish my book.

Easy spin this morning on the sweet bike paths that run parallel to the streets. If you look closely, you will notice there is a wind power 'tower' in the back. They normally don't put these in areas that don't produce wind. :) Today was mild but we have felt it on previous rides.

A nice little touch for our dorm style hotel rooms. Thanks to Andrew Bettinger- USA soigneur extraordinaire!

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Mandy Marquardt said...

Hey Cari, I love Buttgen! I was racing there many times when I lived in Germany. I love the area..the track is really loud isn't hear ever creek and squeek haha..but it's really nice! Well all the best to you at the world championships and congratulations on your 6th place in the points race!